magnetic water softener 11

Limescale protection throughout the house

Soft water

  • Less cleaning
  • Free pipes
  • Protected fittings and household appliances
  • Maintaining heat efficiency

magnetic water softener 11

The DVGW certified softening system from magnetic scores with its easy operation, learnable control and intelligent technology. In addition, the water softener particularly impresses with its comparably quick and easy installation and maintenance. Because of the significantly reduced fresh water requirement for brine regeneration, you can also enjoy significantly lower operating costs. Protect your fittings, household appliances and pipes cleverly against limescale.


Limescale protection throughout the house

  • Keep your pipelines clear and avoid unnecessary and expensive repairs
  • Increase the life of your household appliances and save time and money. Washing machine, dishwasher, kettle, coffee machine, steamer
  • Make sure that the heat transfer remains efficient
  • Protect your shiny fittings


    More time for the essentials

    • Less consumption of cleaning agents and chemicals - this not only protects your wallet, but also the environment
    • Gain valuable time by cleaning less
    • Cozy and soft laundry
    • Soft water for shiny hair and smooth skin

    Did you know...

    ...that in hardness range 3 with 25 m³ water consumption per month, 100 kg of lime flow through your pipeline each year?


    Intelligent softening at the highest level

    Clear control panel

    The control system makes it easier for the tradesman to set and start up the water softening system. The control panel is very simple and clear and avoids unintentional incorrect settings.

    DVGW certification

    The DVGW, the German association for the gas and water industry, promotes the gas and water industry in technical, technical and scientific terms. DVGW certification is reliable proof of compliance with the recognized rules of technology and sets quality standards.

    Modern electronics

    The intelligent technology saves the usage habits of the consumers and regenerates them at the desired time for the following consumption day. In this way, the controller recognizes consumption-intensive or weak time frames, weekdays or longer absence times without manual programming. Only what was used is regenerated. This ensures low water and electricity consumption.

    Due to the need-based regeneration, the softening plant can be installed in a single-family house as well as in an apartment building with up to 6 residential units.

    The fitter's favorite

    Intelligent and adaptive control

    Thanks to its simple and uncomplicated control, the water softener is fully operational in a few minutes. In-house commissioning includes setting the time, degree of hardness and time of regeneration. The softened water is then blended with the company's own raw water using the blending valve supplied. The magnetic softening plant 11 has an extremely learnable control system, which means that it learns from the habits and ideally adapts to the customer. It only regenerates the resin that has really been used and only when it notices that it will not be enough for tomorrow, but at the latest after 4 days (DVGW guideline). This saves you high costs for salt and water consumption.

    Easy maintenance without special tools

    The maintenance of the softening plant 11 from magnetic is clear and simple thanks to a small number of components and is designed to be completed without special tools. The maintenance can easily be carried out by the craft company itself.

    Or did you know... 

    ...that 1mm lime scale in pipes corresponds to 10% energy loss