Filling stations for heating water

according to VDI 2035

  • Easy and fast filling with up to 1500 l/h
  • Security due to precise measuring computers in the entrance and exit
  • Resin change on the construction site
  • Up to 2400 Liter demineralized water at 20 °dH/35,6 °fH
  • Desalination while in Operation (Circulation demineralization)

magnetic Demineralization 

With the magnetic water filling system, you are a professional when it comes to heating water. For that magnetic also provides you with the necessary expertise.

The correct heating filling does not only guarantee you security, but is a great opportunity to realize sales and profits. Together with you we implement this methodology. Therefore we will train you both technically and in sales. No matter whether it is about refills or existing systems. We have mature products with which you can solve any problem - quickly, professionally and safely. 

On top of that, your customer has the greatest possible security and efficiency for their heating.

magnetic basic mobil mini

the lightweight among the filling stations  

The filling station magnetic basic mobil mini is ideal for service technicians and specialist companies, who primarily look after heating systems with a low filling volume. The filling station scores with compact outside dimensions, handiness and low weight (5kg without filling). This is particularly useful for service technicians who carry out refills several times a day. The integrated measuring computer shows the exact conductivity of the demineralized water in the outlet and it indicates exceedances of the setpoint with a light signal. The resettable digital flow meter also guarantees an exact logging and billing of the filling towards the customer.

magnetic basic mobil plus

Handy and cost efficient  

 The handy filling station basic mobil plus is ideal for mobile filling of small up to medium sized heating systems. Due to the measurment of salinity in the outlet, you are always on the safe side. 

  • efficient water supply and withdrawal system
  • Monitoring of the filling water with a precise measuring computer   
  • Resettable digital water meter   
  • High filling speed 1000l/h   
  • Filling capacity up to 1200 Liter at 20 °dH/35,6 °fH    
  • Fast resin-renewal on construction site thanks to the practical collecting bag and a large opening   
  • Frost protection by drain tap   
  • Longevity thanks to the stainless steel design  

magnetic profi mobil plus

Convenient and simple

The premier class - the profi mobil plus from magnetic - offers you the opportunity to fill any type of heating system quickly and easily. The measuring computer in the outlet shows you immediately when the mixed bed resin has been used up. The measuring computer in the inlet gives you the possibility to integrate the profi mobil plus into the heating circuit to desalt the existing water using the circulation process. (Inline method) 

  • Monitoring of the fill water using precise measuring computers in the inlet and outlet
  • Resettable digital water meter
  • High filling speed 1500l / h
  • Filling capacity up to 2400 liters at 20 ° dH / 35.6 ° fH
  • Quick resin change on the construction site thanks to the practical collecting bag and large opening
  • Frost protection by drain tap
  • Longevity thanks to the stainless steel design
  • Desalination during operation - inline method / circulation desalination

Circulation desalination (inline method)  

desalinate heating water during operation 

With some heaters, it is not possible to completely drain the heating system, for various reasons. Here, the profi mobil plus offers the possibility of treating the existing heating water by means of circulating desalination during operation.


We also recommend filling the system with raw water when filling underfloor heating and only demineralizing the heating water by means of circulating desalination when all pressure tests have been passed. This prevents water that has already been treated from having to be drained from the system in the event of leaks. 


The second measuring computer in the inlet enables you and your employees to immediately determine when the heating water is desalinated. This saves you a lot of time when treating the heating water in existing systems.  

magnetic water filling stations

The right model for every heating system

The water quality of the fill water is becoming increasingly important for modern heating technology

The water volumes are getting bigger, the heat exchangers are getting more compact and sensitive. The German VDI guideline 2035 takes a clear position here. It requires protection against limescale deposits (sheet 1) and protection against corrosion (sheet 2). The lower the salinity and thus the conductivity of the water, the lower the likelihood of corrosion. The VDI speaks clear words here: Low salt or demineralized water complies with both Sheet 1 and Sheet 2 of the VDI. In low-salt operation below 100 ms / cm, a 5 times higher oxygen content in the water can be tolerated without causing corrosion problems.