magnetic HWR plus

Heating water regulator

All in one:

  • Degasser
  • Sludge remover
  • pH-protection
  • Filter

Degasser, sludge remover and pH-protection in one

For the long-term regulation of the heating water and the reliable prevention of new deposits, the installation of the magnetic heating water regulator is recommended. This not only saves energy, but also reduces the risk of damage caused by corrosion products in control valves and pumps. Especially in heating systems that are open to diffusion and therefore have an increased risk of corrosion, the HWR (heating water regulator) eliminates all causes of corrosion and sludge formation.

Good reasons for the magnetic heating water regulator plus

for perfect heating water

HWR plus is a mature result of many years of research. Thanks to the professional installation by a craft company, it provides maximum security for the value retention of your entire heating system - whether old or new.

  • Effective energy saving through optimum heat transfer
  • Protects all components in your heating system against corrosion
  • Ensures clear and clean heating water and thus a failure-free operation
  • Removes dissolved gases such as Oxygen from the heating system
  • Removes free gases from the heating system
  • Stabilizes the pH
  • Removes existing silt and prevents them from coming back
  • No additional anti-rust agents necessary

The causes and resulting serious problems

The enemies of every heating system: rust, sludge accumulation and oxygen

Unfavorable water values can occur in every heating system. The causes are oxygen, an acidic pH or an increased electrical conductivity. This results in rust and  sludge accumulation in the system. . It is especially under sludge accumulation conditions that the pH value declines and the heating water becomes acidic. The heat transfer is reduced and valuable energy is lost.

  • Sludge accumulation in floor heating tubes due to corrosion products.
  • Increased energy consumption due to poor heat transfer
  • Blockage of control valves and pumps
  • Corrosion damage in the boiler, radiators and heat exchangers
  • Defective heat meters
  • Dsturbing flow noises due to corrosion-related gas formation

 Corrosion protection for heating systems

without chemicals

Degassing - Simply vent the air

Solution step no. 1 - degassing

Reliably removes oxygen and gases from the heating system circuit

Floor heating tubes, valves, pumps, screw couplings, vents or defective expansion vessels can be the cause of increased oxygen in the heating system. That is one of the main causes of increased risk of corrosion.

The HWR plus regulating device continuously removes the gases entrained in the heating system water. Gases bind in cooler heating system water and are released again when the water is heated. In a heating system, the water cools in the radiators and the heating circuits. It “absorbs” air there and releases it after the heating in the boiler. The released micro gas bubbles are transported via the circulation and combined and removed in the HRW plus device by a highly developed filter system. The now large bubbles have sufficient buoyancy to rise up into the calm zone in theHWR plus device, from where they can be removed from the system with an automatic device.

The now degassed heating system water is thus again able to absorb new gases in order to feed them to the HRW plus device. That means that even air pockets at the highest points in the heating system can be absorbed and removed. 

Continuously, efficiently and without external energy.

Anode Protection - Minimises and Stabilises

Solution step no. 2 – Anode Protection 

Stabilises the pH value, reduces the conductivity and minimises oxygen.

The reaction vessel of the HWR plus heating system water regulating device is equipped with a specially developed protective anode. The oxygen is forced to bind with the protective anode due to a galvanic current. That brings the pH value into an optimum range. A desired side effect is that the ion content declines which results in a lower electrical conductivity.

The HWR plus device thus produces low-ion, alkaline water with a minimal oxygen concentration.

The protective anode can be easily and quickly replaced when it is expended after 2 – 6 years. The reaction vessel is made of corrosion-resistant material and is therefore wearresistant.

Permanent monitoring of the heating system water and the performance of the anode.

The aggressiveness of the heating system water is permanently monitored and displayed with a measuring device. The HWR plus heating system water regulating device can thus optimally regulate the water. 

Magnetic Flux- & Sludge Filter - Remove the Sludge

Solution step no. 3 – Combination filter 

Removes the sludge from the heating system circuit – makes the water clear again. 

Sludge must be filtered from the heating system to prevent deposits blocking the heating system circuit or regulating devices and prevent pitting. 

The gravity filtration principle is perfectly combined with a magnetic flux filter in the heating system water regulating device. This combination makes this system unique. Even the smallest sludge particles are reliably filtered.

The magnet is located in an additional tube in the housing. That allows the sludge to be removed without switching off the heating system. The corrosion particles are released when the magnet is pulled out and can then be simply removed via the drain tap.

Save heating costs

and protect your heater

from damage

HWR compact plus for small systems

The magnetic HWR compact plus is the compact solution for all diffusion-proof systems, with a system water content up to 500 l. What is particularly convincing is the compact design and the excellent price-performance ratio.

A powerful protective anode for raising the pH value, degassing and a combined magnetic flux and sludge filter are integrated in the device. This increases the effectiveness of the corrosion protection and reduces the complexity during installation and operation.

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Protective anodes suitable for magnetic HWR, magnetic HWR plus, ELYSATOR and ELYSATOR Trio

The magnetic heating water regulator plus has a replaceable high-potential protection anode made of a special magnesium-manganese alloy. The oxygen is forced to connect to the sacrificial anode by a galvanic domestic current. This creates magnesium hydroxide - and brings the pH value into an optimal range.

When replacing the anodes, only anodes for the appropriate device may be used. The anode should be checked and replaced regularly as soon as it is used up. The durability of the anode is between 2 and 6 years. For the exchange, you will receive suitable interchangeable anodes for magnetic heating water regulating devices and ELYSATOR corrosion protection devices. Details below.

magnetic magnesium anodes suitable for ELYSATOR corrosion protection devices:

  • Replacement set ELYSATOR Trio compact
  • Replacement set ELYSATOR Trio 10
  • Replacement set ELYSATOR Trio 15
  • Replacement set ELYSATOR Trio 25
  • Replacement set ELYSATOR Typ 7
  • Replacement set ELYSATOR Typ 10
  • Replacement set ELYSATOR Typ 25
  • Replacement set ELYSATOR Typ 50
  • Replacement set ELYSATOR Typ 100
  • Replacement set ELYSATOR Sorbox Li
  • Replacement set ELYSATOR Sorbox Si

magnetic magnesium anodes suitable for magnetic heating water regulators:

  • magnetic replacement set HWR compact
  • magnetic replacement set HWR 10
  • magnetic replacement set HWR 15
  • magnetic replacement set HWR 25
  • magnetic replacement set HWR compact plus
  • magnetic replacement set HWR 10 plus
  • magnetic replacement set HWR 15 plus
  • magnetic replacement set HWR 25 plus