magnetic measuring kits and devices

  • precise digital measuring computer
  • Analysis kit for heating water
  • pH value measuring device
  • Conductivity meter
  • Hardness measuring equipment

Measuring kits and devices

for the craftsman

Magnetic offers very high quality measuring devices for checking and analyzing the composition of heating water. This enables you to measure the heating water directly at the customer's site. The digital measuring computer helps you to monitor the capacity of the mixed bed resin and offers the possibility of a liter-accurate billing of the heating water.

For you, this means that, as a heating water professional, you can give your customers perfect advice and ensure that the heating heats efficiently in the long term.

Precise measurement when filling

magnetic demineralization measuring computer

The magnetic additionally offers you a measuring computer for automatic monitoring of conductivity, liter output and treated water volume as well as the current filling speed.

A complete overview:  

  • Reliable filling  
  • Precisely measures the electrical conductivity  
  • Freely selectable limit value for the conductivity –  visual and audio limit alarm if limit is exceeded 
  • Resettable digital water quantity meter  
  • Independent power supply – battery  
  • Perfect for retrofitting  
  • Backlit display  
  • Precisely measures the flow rate 

Professional measuring-kit for Heating Water

magnetic demineralization measuring-kit

The magnetic water demineralization measuring-kit contains topquality measuring devices for checking and analysing the composition of heating water. It allows you to do without an “external” heating system water analysis in a laboratory in most cases. 

  • Professional dedicated measuring device for electrical conductivity and pH value 
  • Measuring equipment for determining the water hardness
  • Protected by a high-quality aluminium case 
  • Easy to understand
  • Powerful magnet 
  • Various containers for sending water analysis samples

Reliably analyze heating water

magnetic demineralization measuring device

The magnetic demineralization measuring device reliably measures the electrical conductivity of heating system water and drinking water. That simplifies the determination of the water hardness by means of a simple conversion of the conductivity to the total hardness of the drinking water. 

  • Professional dedicated measuring device for electrical conductivity 
  • digital measuring device for precise determination of pH value and temperature 
  • Simple determination of the untreated water hardness
  • Reliable measurement values for the recording of the heating system filling 

Precise measuring technology

for precise outcomes

Professional heating water analysis

Laboratory-specific measurement with proposed solutions

Our laboratory offers the possibility to analyze water. Qualified employees work together with the executing companies, planners or architects to develop individual solutions for the customer, which can also be implemented in practice. The focus here is on troubleshooting for the end consumer.