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"Every human being is destined to be a success

and the world is destined to enable this success."

(Report from UNESCO Paris 1972)



About us

Around 80% of our products are manufactured in-house. The "made in Germany" standard ensures high quality and the associated customer satisfaction.

Magnetic is a traditional family business. In addition to the founder Michael Bader, his wife Blanca Bader, daughter Jessica Bader and her husband Daniel Bader are also active in the company. As a family business, we are very aware of the responsibility towards our employees and customers. That is why we believe in values. The employees should feel good, enjoy their work and be paid fairly.

It is also our aim to not only be a product supplier for our customers. Rather, it is a need for us to always offer real added value to each of them.


  • 1994 The foundation of magnetic with the product "magnetic scale transformer".
  • 2002 Relocating to new building with new meeting rooms and more office space.
  • 2007 Rebranding into magnetic GmbH & Co. KG. Michael Bader as sole shareholder and CEO.
  • 2011 Extension of the product range in the heating water treatment sector.
  • 2014 Set up of own production.
  • 2015 Moving into the new administration building with training rooms, warehouse, manufacture and a laboratory.
  • 2019 Expansion of manufacturing and warehouse space.

Interview with magnetic CEO Michael Bader

A manufacturer of heating water treatment products is no different than a good HVAC specialist company: good products and good sales lead to good business. The magnetic company also takes advantage of these characteristics. It has risen from being a pure trader of the corresponding products to a manufacturer. CEO Michael Bader says in an interview what consequences this has for the company and its customers.



Is the magnetic company a distributor or already a manufacturer?


  • Michael Bader: The answer is very clear: We are a manufacturer. And that makes me proud. Of lime scale protection products we have been manufacturers since ever. Yes, in heating water filling we first started as a distributor. But in view of our success, it was ultimately only a logical consequence to develop into an independent manufacturer.


What are the consequences of this development?


  • Michael Bader: The newly achieved independence gives us the opportunity, to have a greater impact on the quality of our products. We are much more likely to meet the demands of our customers in terms of durability, reliability and user-friendliness. Besides, we work with an experienced team of engineers and technicians in order to improve existing systems. This gives us the opportunity to bring our own innovations to the market. It is our responsibility to develop and improve products so that our customers can work easier, better and safer.


How important is it for you to offer “Made in Germany” products?


  • Michael Bader: It is very important. We confide in consistently high quality. We pay special attention to it when selecting the materials for the individual components as well as when assembling the products. Both is mostly 'made in Germany'. Because after all a economically healthy location is good for all of us. According to experience, our customers also appreciate that we produce in Germany.


    Are there differences apart from the product line?


    • Michael Bader: As the second very important difference we consider the great challenge of the Internet. Nowadays almost everything from the HVAC branch is to find on the internet at ridiculous costs. That damages prices. We ensure, that our products are not sold off for cheap prices on the internet. This protects the price margin for the craftsman.

    Where do you see technical differences?


    • Michael Bader: I will give you two examples: To my knowledge, magnetic is the only manufacturer on the German market that currently uses a certified resin. This enables us to guarantee a reliably high quality of the fill water. The resin is also vacuum packed. With a QR code, you can always check the resin quality in the bag. This transparency in all processes is a standard that we also apply to our understanding of quality. We are also very proud of our measuring computer that comes with the filling stations. It is able to display all the water parameters accurately, that are relevant for the filling. And it tells the installer, if they are actually doing everything properly.