magnetic scale transformer

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  • No repair costs
  • 20-year warranty

magnetic scale transformer

The magnetic scale transformer has been used successfully since 1994 and reliably protects tens of thousands of households across Europe from lime. It is pointed out that the claims are not scientifically proven and the effect cannot be expected in every application case. We therefore recommend that you test the magnetic Scale Transformer with Vitalisation yourself! 

The lime problem costs you money

Hard water is visible in the home in the kitchen and bathroom. We see the limescale in the form of scale on taps and in the water kettle, etc. and notice an increased consumption of soap, detergents, washing powder and cleaners.  


Visible limescale problems 


  • Calcified fittings, shower heads and taps
  • Increased consumption of detergents and cleaning agents
  • Damage to household appliances

However, limescale causes the biggest damage where you cannot do anything about it. In the pipes and the hot water system. That is where limescale forms. Layer after layer. The results are expensive repairs and maintenance work. 


Invisible and dangerous limescale problems


  • Massive damage from calcified pipes
  • Lime damage in the hot water preparation
  • Shorter lifespan of your devices and machines

Hardness range 3: 

About 100 kg of lime flows through the pipes per year with a water consumption of 25 m³ per month.

The solution

Working mode of the scale transformer 

In the magnetic scale transformer with vitalisation, the water flows through specially oriented magnetic fields.

The structure of the calcium is changed so that it can no longer form deposits in the pipes.


  •   Before the limescale transformation:

  Limescale structure resembles a snowflake ➔ can therefore form deposits


  •   After the limescale transformation:

   Limescale structure resembles  to a water drop ➔  can no longer deposits 

How you will experience safety and save money:

Worries about dangerous damage belongs to the past with the magnetic scale transformer with vitalisation. Your plumber will be pleased to advise you about the working mode and its success. 

  • Your pipes and the heating system will be reliably protected against limescale
  • Rust problems and pitting are permanently combated
  • Do without a water decalcifier in the washing machine. Dose the washing powder for hardness range 1
  • Do without aggressive and health-damaging cleaning agents and protect your bathroom and kitchen furniture, accessories and appliances
  • Longer service life of your household appliances


The best proof is satisfied customers

For more than a decade, magnetic has been carrying out regular, practice-oriented long-term trials under the supervision of cities, municipalities, communes, offices and public institutions. The tests are carried out nationwide with different types of tap water compositions. All tests gave one result: 100% protection of the pipes and the hot water preparation against calcification! This gives the end consumer and the trade the necessary security.


Test reports limescale protection and vitalization

Installation - quick and simple

The magnetic scale transformer with vitalization must not be attached to a galvanized iron pipe, but only via a non-magnetic part (copper, brass, plastic, stainless steel ...) of the main pipe, e.g. via the screw connections on the water meter. The diameter of the pipeline may be smaller than the inside diameter of the scale transformer. The magnetic scale transformer with vitalization must be closed, the metal surfaces inside must be in direct contact with each other. The direction of flow of the water through the magnetic scale transformer with vitalization is not specified. 


WARNING: The magnetic scale transformer with vitalization works with magnetic fields. Therefore, keep it away from medical-technical devices e.g. Pacemakers, electrical and electronic devices, EC cards and other magnetic stripe and chip cards, watches, MC's, CD's, floppy disks and other image, sound and data carriers.

Decide now - 

and protect your house

Water is the no.1 food 

About 70% of the human body is water. We need 2-3 litres of water per day. A human being consumes up to 65,000 litres of water in the course of his/her life. We should therefore be very careful about which water we drink. 


 Biologically high-quality water can have the following advantages: 

  • Vitalised water from the tap – drinks at the price of tap water
  • Supports the metabolism, ensures a better purification, strengthens the organism
  • Gentle to the skin when taking a shower or bath, partly lessens itching and skin problem


Medical measurements have shown that the water treated with the magnetic scale transformer with vitalization has a significantly higher biological quality than conventional tap water. A water quality that can usually only be found in natural spring water.

The working mode of vitalisation 

Specially selected frequencies are stored on a base material in the magnetic® Scale Transformer with Vitalisation. When the water flows through, it is restructured and regains its natural vitality. 

  • Water originally has clear, purest structures. Today's water has mostly become “lifeless” due to flowing through pipes and chemical treatment.



Microscopic examination:

  • Water drop before the vitalisation - The drop is disarranged and has no structure and the water therefore has a poor dissolving behaviour
  • Water drop after the vitalisation - The drop has a clear and arranged structures and can therefore better dissolve substances like minerals and salts. 

Proven for over 20 years

magnetic scale transformer XXL - Proven limescale protection even for large objects

All benefits at a glance

  • For objects with a large water flow
  • Custom-made products tailored to the object
  • For objects with a large cable cross-section
  • Sizes from DN50 - DN 80 possible (larger only on request)

Flyer Kalkumwandler XXL für Großobjekte (German)