magnetic demineralization

Refill station

High-quality Refill stations for fixed installation.

  • Extremely low follow-up costs
  • 100% control by measuring computer
  • Foolproof change of resin

magnetic refill stations

for fixed installation in various sizes

The new generation of heating gets easily frustrated with tap water in the heating system. That is why modern heating systems are filled with demineralized water today. For this purpose magnetic offers the ideal solution for fixed installation and mobile for customer service. Because if you fill properly, you should also ensure the replenishment. If you refill with normal tap water, you risk a guarantee failure and deteriorated heat transfer due to corrosion and deposits. 

Refill station for the replenishment of heating systems

Filters lime and aggressive salts from the water

  • Extremely low follow-up costs
  • Refilling is foolproof thanks to practical bags
  • 100% control by measuring computer with precise conductivity measurement and resettable water meter
  • Very flexible to use
  • Optionally with backflow preventer

Various sizes for every need

Capacities range from 225 liters to 2,400 liters of fully demineralized water at 20 ° dH / 35.6 ° fH

With the stationary refill stations from magnetic you can produce demineralized fill water for your heating. They are suitable for refilling of closed heating and cooling circuits using quality mixed bed resin, in accordance with the guidelines of VDI 2035. Thanks to the measuring and monitoring unit, which all magnetic refill stations have, you can see all water values at a glance and immediately see when the resin is used up. If your resin is exhausted, a simple resin exchange on-site is possible. Only the resin in the container is to be changed. This can be disposed in household waste together with the water-permeable collection bag. The fresh resin is simply emptied into the container. It is best to add more water to displace as much air as possible.

Modern heating systems are highly effective

Therefore they also need high-quality fill water

Backflow preventer BA DN 20

For permanent installation of the magnetic demineralization refill station according to DIN EN 1717

Backflow preventer with controllable differential pressure type BA. Chromed brass case. Nominal pressure: PN 10, max. temperature: 65 ° C.

Refill combination

For filling and refilling heating systems

The integrated filling group is used to automate the filling process in heating systems. A backflow preventer and a pressure reducer are integrated in the filling group; this ensures the correct filling pressure in the system.

Thanks to the BA backflow preventer, which works on the three-chamber principle, this compact valve prevents non-drinking water from being sucked, flowed or pressed back from the heating system into the drinking water pipe.